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Suresign offers a complete range of tests and devices to enable you to protect your family's health from the comfort of your own home.

Sure Sign products can now be ordered via Charlestown Pharmacy

The range of products available includes:

bpmThe Sure Sign Automatic Digital Blood Pressure and Pulse Monitor is a professional fully automatic device able to give accurate Systolic, Diastolic and Pulse measurements.

Sure Sign Blood Pressure Monitor 19.99
diabetesThe Sure Sign Diabetes test is a urine based colorimetric test that detects glucose in the urine. The presence of glucose in the urine can be an indicator of the onset of diabetes. A positive test result would be an indication to seek further medical advice

Sure Sign Diabetes test kit 4.10
cholesterolThe Sure Sign Total Cholesterol test is a colorimetric, enzymatic assay for the semi-quantitive determination of cholesterol in whole blood. A sample of blood is absorbed  onto the test strip and reacts with the reagents producing a colour which can be related to the cholesterol concentration in the blood by comparison with the supplied chart.

Sure Sign Cholesterol test Kit 5.10
ovulationThe Sure Sign Ovulation urine test detects the release of Luteinising Hormone (LH) prior to ovulation and is a positive indication of the best time for conception. Older women can find it more difficult to conceive and this test helps to target the most fertile period.

Sure Sign Ovulation kit (5 test pack) 10.19

If you require any advice or would like to place an order  please contact any member of the pharmacy team.

If you have any concerns after performing one of the above diagnostic tests we would reccomend making an appointment with your GP to advise on any further course of action.

If you require support with any Sure Sign product
please contact Suresign direct on the 24 hour Careline
0800 0430 318

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